Belgian Club of Hungarian Scientists


The Belgian Club of Hungarian Scientists and the Hungarian Science Without Borders lecture series came to life in 2013. Initiated by Hungarian researchers living in Belgium, the programmes were hosted by the Liszt Institute Brussels, formerly known as the Balassi Institute.

The main purpose of the Club is to provide the Hungarian scientific community of Belgium with an informal forum for interdisciplinary discussions of broad interest (e.g. relocation to Hungary, potential collaborative projects with Hungarian research partners, accessibility of research grants). The Club meetings are organized together with lectures for a broader audience. Invited speakers of the “Hungarian Science Without Borders” lecture series talk about current scientific issues of their selected field.

The Club events increase the good reputation of the Hungarian scientific community in Belgium and contribute to the success of Hungarian scientists working either in Belgium or in Hungary by providing them with a valuable networking opportunity.

Additional information concerning the Club:
Email: BMTK
Facebook: BMTK2013