Talamba Percussion Group | Tour de Drums

Date: 14 June
Time: 18:00
Venue:  Liszt Institute London
17-19 Cockspur St, London SW1Y 5BL

Join us for the brand-new interactive show of Talamba which provides an unforgettable experience with melodious rhythmical tunes and special humour. During this virtual journey around the world, Talamba flies you through continents on the wings of music from Africa through Iberia to the Balkan region. We can enjoy the invigorating rhythms of African tribes, the passion of Spanish melodies by traditional instruments as well as the diversity of the music of Balkan folks.  

Talamba Percussion Group

Talamba Percussion Group

About the band

The members met as students at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary and founded the group in 1999. Percussion group means in this case a companionship and a group of professional musicians whose goal is to present a wide repertoire of musical styles and harmonize them with each other. At their concerts, you can hear the crossover versions of Bach’s fugues or Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky as well as tunes combined with jazz, folk songs, African tribal rhythms or dynamic melodies from the Balkan. Talamba is a real crossover band that entertains its audience with real 21st-century music in Hungary and across the world.

Members: László Grünvald, Miklós Szitha, Tamás V. Nagy and Levente Zombor

The event is free but registration is required via Eventbrite. Doors open at 6.30 pm, event starts at 7 pm.


László Grünvald -Talamba: Caribe Blues

Miklós Szitha -Talamba: Drumtalk

Miklós Szitha -Talamba: Romavision

Miklós Szitha -Talamba: The Sounds of the Carpathian Basin

László Grünvald -Talamba: Tahitian Rhythmical Studies

László Grünvald -Talamba: Brazilian Rhythmical Studies

Miklós Szitha -Talamba: Jumbo

Miklós Szitha -Talamba: Iberia

László Grünvald -Talamba: Balkan Pictures

László Grünvald -Talamba: Chasing a Starling

László Grünvald -Talamba: Okamale

László Grünvald -Talamba: The Story of Okecsuku

László Grünvald -Talamba: 2nd African Rhythmical Studies - One Evening with the Black

Miklós Szitha -Talamba: Oriental