Sweet Hungary Workshop

’Rákóczi túrós’ dessert

Date: 26 April
Time: 17:00
Venue:  The Rosemary Organic Hungarian Restaurant
178 New Cross Rd, London SE14 5AA

Spicy, rich, and an extravaganza of different flavours, Hungary’s unique cuisine might be already familiar to many of you. Now the Liszt Institute London and The Rosemary restaurant is organising a workshop series to introduce Hungary’s sweet side to you as well.

From Budapest’s historical and glamorous café houses to our grannies’ traditional baking traditions, you will have the opportunity to learn the tricks of some of our best puddings from experienced chefs.

Come and learn how to make a dough for strudels, dumplings, or scones and how to create delicious creamy fillings with curd cheese, poppy seed, plum, or walnuts.

Take part in a two-hour hands-on culinary experience with interesting information and stories about Hungarian cuisine, the origins of the desserts, customs, and everyday life.

Our first guest chef is Krisztián Ortmann from Esztergom, northern Hungary. Krisztián is a professional chef who gained experience at traditional Hungarian restaurants as well as Italian trattorias. As the official chef of the Embassy of Hungary in London, Krisztián cooks for VIP guests, politicians and prestigious leaders on a daily basis. The art of baking sparked his interest almost 15 years ago, since then he has been practising and enjoying the creative freedom it offers. When he is not in the kitchen, Krisztián follows his other passion, electronic music as a DJ. He also loves fast cars, good weather, and travelling where he gathers inspiration for his recipes.

Krisztián’s workshop for you on the 26th of April: ’Rákóczi túrós’ dessert

A good old curd cheesecake recipe, which is a huge favourite with everyone and one of the staples you can get in any cakeshop. This meringue and apricot jam-topped cake is named after the French-trained János Rákóczi, the Hungarian royal master patissier. He created this cake for the 1958 World Expo in Brussels as part of a selection of Hungarian dishes to represent what is quintessentially ’magyar’ in our cuisine.

Please note that sound and video recordings will take place at the event.