Liszt mosaics

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble will perform its new premiere, the dance concert ‘Liszt Mosaics’ at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London.

Date: 3 June
Time: 18:00
Venue:  Sadler’s Wells Theatre
Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4TN

World-renowned musicians, dancers and the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble will celebrate the work of the legendary Hungarian pianist and composer Ferenc Liszt. This evening features Bartók’s works and folk music performed by violin virtuosos Alexandre da Costa and István Pál Szalonna, Maestro Oleg Caetani, the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and folk singer Eszter Pál.

The dance concert – in the languages of both music and motion – features not only the works of the great composer Liszt, but also the finest pieces of Hungarian national Romantic music, religious preludes reaching back to Gregorian music, both of which served as inspiration, as well as the compositions of contemporaries who have made an impression on him, Paganini and Chopin. Referencing the globetrotting Liszt, the stage is a “concert hall”, perhaps somewhere out in the world, but maybe “here and now”. 

This truly is an evening not to be missed; the performance is both a tribute to the world-famous composer Liszt, and a way of drawing attention to the message of his talent that still resonates today. Through music, dance, and singing, the mosaics on stage are arranged into a grand tableau, bringing to life, among other things, the world of 19th-century balls, reviving the past and returning our present to its roots.

“It is not a traditional folk-dance performance or contemporary ballet in its most general sense, but a real ‘crossover’ presenting not one genre but an extremely rare and yet artistically coherent model, strongly resembling the expressive power of Pina Bausch’s works.” (Salvatore Frega, TgMusic, Italy)

“… the passionate music that the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble performed was literally spellbinding; it created an impressive blend of classical and folk music!” (TgMusic, Italy)

Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

The domestic and international audience views the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble mostly as a large ensemble that brings the rural music and dance culture of the Carpathian Basin to stage, performing in traditional costumes. In fact, the ensemble’s performances today present a much more complex visual and music spectacle; knowledge of Hungarian language or folk traditions is not necessary to absorb their meaning. Established in 1951, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble has produced several world-class performances over the recent years that focused on and/or was inspired by traditions that present universal human values through music and dance, and may be enjoyed by spectators all over the world.