Hungarian Movie Nights | Mom and Other Loonies in the Family

Date: 4 June - 5 June
Venue:  Enjoy a wide variety of Hungarian movies with us!

A zany tale of a Hungarian family across the stormy historical events of the 20th century.
Four generations of "fools" with Mom in the focus, who has lived 94 years and moved 27 times in her life. Moving was her only means of dealing with trouble, danger or conflicts. At the demented age of 94, Mom tells the story to her daughter – a playful, heart-warming and occasionally heartbreaking span of a hundred years.

The movie will be screened in Hungarian with English subtitles, and it will be available for 24 hours.

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Hungarian Movie Nights programme series

Planned schedule:

  • 26 February: Captives
  • 5 March: Budapest noir
  • 15 March: Kincsem – Bet on Revenge
  • 26 March: Heavenly Shift
  • 2 April: CREAM
  • 11 April: Bad Poems
  • 16 April: Fateless
  • 30 April: Trezor
  • 21 May: The Toth Family
  • 30 May: Cat City
  • 4 June: Mom and Other Loonies in the Family
  • 11 June: Aurora Borealis

We retain the right to make changes if necessary.