Hungarian Movie Nights | Fateless

Date: 16 April - 17 April
Venue:  Enjoy a wide variety of Hungarian movies with us!

14-year-old György's life is torn apart in WWII Hungary, as he is deported first to Auschwitz and then to Buchenwald, where he is forced to become a man in the midst of hatred, and what it really means to be Jewish.

The movie is based on the novel by Imre Kertész, which won the 2002 Nobel Prize for literature. It is screened to commemorate the Memorial Day of the Hungarian Victims of the Holocaust. April 16 was declared the Memorial Day of the Hungarian Victims of the Holocaust in 2001, marking the anniversary of the establishment of the first ghettos in the country in 1944.

The movie will be screened in Hungarian with English subtitles, and it will be available for 24 hours.

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Hungarian Movie Nights programme series

Planned schedule:

  • 26 February: Captives
  • 5 March: Budapest noir
  • 15 March: Kincsem – Bet on Revenge
  • 26 March: Heavenly Shift
  • 2 April: CREAM
  • 9 April: Bad Poems
  • 16 April: Fateless
  • 30 April: Trezor
  • 21 May: The Toth Family
  • 30 May: Cat City

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