Hounds of Hungary - A dog-friendly picnic on Hampstead Heath

Date: 28 May
Time: 13:00
Venue:  Parliament Hill Viewpoint, Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Heath, London

Following the first Hungarian dog-friendly picnic at Hampstead Heath in 2019, the Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Centre London is organising a dog-friendly gathering again with a raffle at Hampstead Heath on the afternoon of 28 May 2022.

Vizslas, Pulis, Hungarian Greyhounds and many other Hungarian dog breeds are running around in the UK. We are inviting these doggie diplomats and their proud owners to mingle at our lovely picnic on Hampstead Heath. Have an afternoon of active fun with your pet and enjoy a glass of fine Hungarian wine (limited availability).

Enter our special raffle to win a three-course dinner at London's one and only authentic Hungarian eatery, The Rosemary Organic Hungarian Restaurant, win a pack of Hungarian dog food, or a free ticket to the next Sweet Hungary, our dessert-making workshop. Hungarian dog equipment manufacturer and distributor Julius-K9 is offering a limited number of gift packs to participants, as well as the raffle grand prize, an IDC Powair collection of a dog harness and colour-matching leash, a set perfect for daily walks around town.

Timing of the event:
2 PM: Meet at Parliament Hill Viewpoint, Hampstead Heath, London
2:30 PM: Group photo at Parliament Hill Viewpoint
3:00 PM: Taste a glass of Hungarian wine
4:00 PM: Raffle

Vizsla, Puli, Komondor, Kuvasz, Pumi, Mudi, Hungarian Agár, Transylvanian Hound and Wirehaired Vizsla are the main Hungarian breeds, however, all other breeds and their owners are welcome to our programme. Join us!


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