Hounds of Hungary

Date: 11 May
Time: 13:00
Venue:  Parliament Hill Viewpoint
Heath Lodge, Hampstead, London NW5 1QR

Vizslas, Pulis and many other Hungarian breeds are running around in the UK as canine ex-pats of Hungary. We are inviting these doggie diplomats and their proud owners to mingle at our lovely picnic in Hampstead Heath.

Have an afternoon of active fun with your pet at our special Treasure Hunt, enjoy a glass of fine Hungarian wine (limited availability) and enter the raffle to win a three-course dinner at London's one and only authentic Hungarian restaurant, The Rosemary Organic Hungarian Restaurant (sponsored by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture).

Vizsla, Puli, Komondor, Kuvasz, Pumi, Mudi, Hungarian Agár, Transylvanian Hound and Wirehaired Vizsla are the main Hungarian breeds, however, all other breeds are welcome to join us.

Meeting point: Parliament Hill Viewpoint