Global Bartók Flashmob

Musical flashmob by Soth Kensington's Bartók staue

Date: 26 September
Venue:  Bartók statue
South Kensington station, London SW5 9HL

Central London's Bartók statue offered a great setting to the Global Bartók Flashmob movement that was a grandiose initiative to commemorate Hungarian composer Béla Bartók's remarkable oeuvre around the world. The flashmob movement took place simultaneously in multiple locations, worldwide on the same day. Groups and individuals of amateurs, semi-professionals and professional artists performed a piece of music - a folk song, a classical piece or reflections - in public. 

This programme commemorating Béla Bartók was realised in association with the Bartok Cultural Society (Bartók Kulturális Baráti Társaság) and the National Federation of Hungarians in England (MAOSZ).