Electronica: Vision of Sound III

Date: 26 November
Time: 20:00
Venue:  Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA

Young musicians from Central Europe perform a combination of fabulous electronic music and head-turning visuals.

Zabelov Group from the Czech Republic will bring a unique blend of electronics with jazz embellishments, followed by an exciting new collaboration in Hungary’s Žagar AV Experience and the internationally-recognised Slovakian electronic producer, musician and DJ FVLCRVM.

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Žagar AV Experience (Hungary)

Žagar AV Experience is a collaboration between musician Balázs Zságer and visual artist Kati Katona. Zságer is the keyboardist-producer of the Hungarian frontrunner electronic act Žagar and has been involved in many independent projects in the Budapest-based electronic music scene. In this collaboration, he reveals his experimental and atmospheric side.

Kati Katona works with Global Illumination and Limelight Projection, and designs visuals for Ozora Festival, Sziget Festival and Zsolnay Light Festival. She is obsessed with experimenting with techniques and exploring new processes. One of her expertise is the modification of real-time captured footage.

Zabelov Group (Czech Republic)

Active on the Czech scene since 2012, Zabelov Group is a musical dialogue between Roman Zabelov, accordionist from Belarus, and Jan Šikl, Czech drummer and multi-instrumentalist. Their original acoustic puritanism gradually transformed into complex cinematic music accompanied by samples and acoustic instruments enhanced by electronics. Zabelov Group’s musical endeavour is permeated by their effort to maintain live contact with the instrument but at the same time provide the entire spectrum of club sounds. Their latest work Madhouse Session EP was released in 2020 by Minority Records.

FVLCRVM (Slovakia)

On the tipping edge between mainstream and underground, FVLCRVM is a celebration of unpredictability with a reinvented 90s vibe. Picked by Spotify as no 1 for their renowned Fresh Finds Playlist, the first track featuring FVLCRVM’s vocal, Hi! was also featured by BBC Radio 6 Music, gaining the Bratislava-based artist immediate attention from tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobbs and Machinedrum. With his even more successful follow up Words, which made it to the Song Of The Day selection on KEXP, FVLCRVM offered a crisp and eloquent take on pop music and provided the viewer with a peek into a mind-blowing version of a dystopian future.