Electronica: Vision of Sound

Date: 29 November
Time: 20:00
Venue:  Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E1 6LA, United Kingdom

Celebrating 30 years of freedom from communist rule in Eastern Europe, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak and Polish musicians of a new generation join forces for one-off experience fusing intricate electronics and dizzying visuals.
Immerse yourself in vibrant visual effects and bold beats as Floex & Tom Hodge, Mïus X Attaray Visual, Stroon & Kubriel and NOON create atmospheric soundscapes pushing the boundaries of contemporary electronic music.

Floex & Tom Hodge (Czech Republic/United Kingdom)

They will present a phenomenal live show A Portrait of John Doe, their ambitious project released by the iconic label Mercury KX. Performed underneath a virtual orchestra projected on floating balloons, it creates a new level of synergy where neo-classical music and radical avant-garde electronic blend into a unique atmospheric universe.


A multi-art project of Budapest-based artist Gergely Álmos – blends together different fields of self-expression to tell a ’Digital Tale of Geometric Shapes’. In collaboration with Attaray Visual (Andrea Sztojanovits) and a special guest Raf Skowroński, singer of the Polish band Jóga, they take you on a relaxing journey to a timeless audiovisual microcosmos.
One of the top Polish hip-hop/electronic music producers, NOON (Mikołaj Bugajak) champions breakbeat electronica, successfully incorporating elements of beat-making into more complicated and mature sounds. Dismantling his own tracks into pieces, NOON creates more space for on stage improvisation accompanied by Marcin Awierianow on drums and Piotr Połoz on bass (both known from Psychocukier band).

Stroon & Kubriel ( Nano vjs) (Slovakia)

Both enthusiasts and eclectics, are long-term collaborators in music and visual art. Their latest joint set draws on Stroon’s Vice Laboratory album and its blend of contemporary electronica and vibraphone. Modal melodies and harmonies in full-on 130 BPM are combined with Kubriel’s experimental, lyrical and poetic lighting extravaganza.