Awakening / Ladder Art Company

Voila! 2021

Date: 16 November - 17 November
Venue:  The Cockpit
Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH

The Ladder Art Company represents Hungary with an aerial show this year at the Voila! Europe multilingual theatre festival supported by the Liszt Institute London. 

Voila! Europe is a multilingual theatre festival produced by The Cockpit. Their curated programme of cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary performance opens a trusted portal to new European theatre for independent artists and adventurous audiences. The festival is live on stage in London and live online everywhere, gathering together a welcoming community of the culturally curious.

This years' selected play, the 'Awakening' is an interdisciplinary piece, integrating new-circus, pantomime and physical theatre genres, created by Hungarian young of the Ladder Art Company.

With an aerial rope and several fairies, two characters search for their essential selves in a never-ending process of growing up. In their world, magic doesn’t require anything but a pillow, and if it’s too dark, you light up the sky with the stars that you draw with your own fingers.
'For many years I mistook myself for someone, who doesn’t exist; and even beyond years, I mistook the impalpable for the impossible. Countless fairies, neither one nor more: that is what I am, the rest is just appearance.'

Created and performed by: Mátyás Marofka and Balázs Kulcsár 

Duration: 1 hour