As Far As I Know

Raindance Film Festival

Date: 5 November
Time: 18:00
Venue:  Raindance Film Festival - Curzon Hoxton
55 Pitfield St, London N1 6BU

In this powerful cinematic debut, a young married couple struggle to navigate their relationship after the wife is raped by a stranger. As Far As I Know is a complex examination of gender discrimination and an uncomfortable exposure of the internalised biases in the legal structures of society.

5 November 18:00, Curzon Hoxton

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Review: Hungarian filmmakers Nándor Lörincz and Bálint Nagy’s first full-length feature is a strikingly vulnerable exploration of the complexities of trauma response, bodily violation and psychological anguish following a young couple’s encounter with the unthinkable.
An evening which begins in friendly celebration leads to an explosive argument between soon to be adoptive parents Dénes (Balázs Bodolai) and Nóra (Gabriella Hámori). The evening ends with Nóra returning home and informing Dénes that, whilst out alone, she was raped. Nóra is then subjected to an insidious and brutishly circuitous legal system.
The film examines the constricting parameters surrounding sexual assault and the inhumane legalities structuring official response. Nagy’s cinematographic dexterity brings a visual experience both understated and intrusive, accompanied by Attila Fodor’s striking and minimal piano score. A controlled yet distinctive soundtrack identifies and strengthens the unspoken tensions between the dialogue, and distanced, highly detailed camera shots place viewers within a constant state of tentativeness as we observe how different characters struggle to navigate the same tragedy.
As Far As I Know is a compelling and complex examination of gender discrimination. Stereotypes surrounding motherhood, masculinity, and sexual trauma are all called in for questioning in this powerful cinematic debut.
Bryony Chellew