The Continental Literary Magazine is now available to buy in the UK

In 2021 November, the Petőfi Cultural Agency launched the English language thematic literary paper titled The Continental Literary Magazine in order to create a platform through which writers and poets in our region can enter the international market. The first issue of the Continental (PREJUDICE) was welcomed with great curiosity. The number of visitors at the magazine launch tour in February and the demand for the magazine both justify that Anglo-Saxon readers are open to Central European literature and culture.

After the magazine launch tour in the US, the Continental Literary Magazine was also introduced in London during the 2022 London Book Fair. The waiting time for a hard copy is over, the magazine is now available at WHSmith bookstores in ALL major cities and airports!

The third issue - FAITH

The third issue presents the various faces of faith through the works of authors such as Romanian poet and Nobel Prize nominee Mircea Cărtărescu, Laurel Wreath of Hungary award winner writer Miklós György Száraz, EUPL winner Viktor Horváth, the author of the volume titled Mély levegő (Deep breath) and last year’s Margó Prize winner Rita Halász and Libri Literary Prize winner Andrea Tompa.

The latest publication of the magazine does not ignore sad actualities either. In his foreword, editor-in-chief Sándor Jászberényi emphasizes the fact that – unlike the Latin saying – in times of war, muses do not fall silent. The six Ukrainian poetesses who managed to create something lasting during and despite the war around them are ample evidence of this. Their works represent a separate section in the magazine.

The name of Marianne Williamson might not sound familiar for the Hungarian audience, all the more so for the American one. She is a bestselling author, a political activist, the presidential candidate for the Democratic party in 2021, Oprah Winfrey’s cultural consultant and spiritual guide. Sándor Jászberényi talked to her about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the biggest challenges existing in the world and her personal thoughts on the activity of the American president Joe Biden in an in-depth interview.

Sneak peek into the magazine HERE.

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