Call for submissions for participation in the Showtime! - literary transfer competition


Call for submissions for participation in the Showtime! - literary transfer competition

The Petőfi Cultural Agency Nonprofit Limited Liability Company (registered office: 1117 Budapest, Garda utca 2; company registration number: 01-10-141338; hereinafter referred to as PKÜ) is launching a call for applications entitled “Show yourself! literary transfer competition,” for which it invites submissions from Hungarian authors and translators who have been invited to participate in a prestigious event, book launch, or festival abroad in 2023. With this call for entries, PKÜ aims to promote the participation of Hungarian authors in the international literary scene and the promotion of Hungarian literature beyond our borders.

1. Target group for the call for submissions

The call for submissions is open to Hungarian authors and literary professionals who have been invited to participate in a prestigious event, book launch, or festival abroad (hereinafter collectively referred to as the event). We can only accept applications from natural persons, so we cannot consider submissions from companies or other legal entities.

2. Expectations

Successful applicants will undertake to promote Hungarian literature and the activities of the Hungarian Academy of Arts and Humanities at the event. Applicants also undertake to prepare a professional and financial report after the event, accompanied by photographs, and to submit it to the Hungarian Literary Society within 15 calendar days.

3. The amount available under this call for submissions is

For the successful projects, the PKÜ will conclude a contract of assignment with the selected natural persons. The amount awarded will be paid in arrears following the acceptance of the reports set out in the contract. The amount that can be awarded will depend on the travel budget. In principle, the amount available under this call for submissions will be used to finance travel (transport) and accommodation costs for the Event. Remuneration is taxable income as defined in Act CXVII of 1995 on Personal Income Tax and is therefore subject to personal income tax.

4. Framework conditions of the call

Available budget: HUF 20 000 000 gross

The deadline for applications is continuous. Applicants may submit supplemental materials up to the deadline specified in the notice regarding anything missing from the submission.. Applications must be submitted no later than 30 calendar days prior to the event. Applications will be assessed on the first working day following the last day of the month, and the results will be published on within ten days of the decision. PKÜ reserves the right to modify the above dates in particularly justified cases and will publish a separate notice of this on its website.

5. Application form and documents

Documents required to submit an application:

  • Application form (Annex 1 - signed, PDF format);
  • Declarations and data request form (Annex 2 - to be completed online: Data request form);
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant (PDF format);
  • Copy of the invitation letter (PDF format);
  • A brief description of the event, with reference to the applicant’s role in the event (PDF format);
  • Detailed budget plan (PDF format)
  • Applications for this call for submissions must be sent by email only, enclosing the above documents, to the following email address: (please indicate the title of the call in the subject line).

For clarification, please contact Bianka Lévai, the application officer, via email at

6. Evaluation and assessment of the call for applications

Applications will be assessed in one stage after the deadline. Applications will be assessed and recommendations made by a committee of experts appoint-ed by the PKÜ. On the basis of the recommendations made by the committee, the decision will be reached by the Director General of the PKÜ. The selected candidates will be awarded a contract of engagement by PKÜ.

7. Annexes

Annex 1: Application form template
Annex 2: Declarations and data request form