Viktor Tóth Tercett on the 13th Cairo Jazz Festival

Date: 3 November
Time: 17:00
Venue:  AUC Tahrir Cultural center
El-Shaikh Rihan, Ad Dawawin, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate

Viktor Tóth Tercett on the 13th Cairo Jazz Festival

The Cairo Jazz Festival (CFJ) is Egypt's most important popular music event, which takes place every year for one week in Cairo and this year in Alexandria. This time, a prominent figure in the Hungarian jazz scene, Viktor Tóth and his tercett, will perform two concerts in two different venues, in Cairo and Alexandria.


The Cairo Jazz Festival (CJF) was founded in 2009 by pianist, composer and producer Amro Salah, driven by a passion to celebrate jazz. In Amro Salah's view, jazz has become a global phenomenon and has an impact on humanity as a human experience rather than a musical style.

The CJF aims to spread jazz widely and reach more people, not only as a musical genre, but also as an idea and life experience. The festival places a strong emphasis on presenting quality music and to date has managed to maintain its reputation for showcasing the best jazz in the world.

Although the Festival is named after the city of Cairo, this year it will leave the city borders to organize a series of performances and workshops under the auspices of the CJF in Alexandria, at the Jesuit Cultural Centre.

Viktor Tóth is one of the most versatile figures on the Hungarian jazz scene. In 2010 he was voted Jazzman of the Year in Hungary, in 2014 and again in 2015 he was voted Alto Saxophonist of the Year in Hungary. He has also played at numerous jazz festivals in Europe and the United States. He leads his own Viktor Tóth Tercett, he composes his own material, he produces music for contemporary dance performances and he collects folk music. He is always looking to forge ahead in new directions.

The Viktor Tóth Tercett, organized by the Liszt Institute and the CJF in Cairo, will perform on the third of November at 7 pm  in Cairo at the American University in Cairo, Tahrir Cultural Centre.