Reset by Thury Zita in Alexandria

Date: 6 November
Time: 14:00
Venue:  Jesuit Cultural Center
298 Port Said St, CLEOPATRA، Sidi Gaber, Alexandria Governorate

Unique performance in Alexandria, Reset by Thury Zita

Through a fusion of contemporary dance, prose and video art, the all-art performance Reset approaches one of the defining problems of our time: climate change. A natural disaster is coming, but human nature seems unwilling to change. This unique and special performance will take place in two different venues, in Alexandria and in Cairo.

This special dance performance is about when global warming reaches that level that masses of people are forced to find and create new homes in an alien society.

This new society is successfully combating climate catastrophes, and is also developing a new kind of political and social economic system is emerging: for a more empathetic, sustainable, livable world. But there is very strict regulation to avoid further disasters which has been built entirely in the spirit of climate awareness.

It is in this new world, governed by rules with serious consequences.

How can we shed our habits and adapt? What do we have to give up, what sacrifices do we have to make?

The audience of this performance, already inhabitants of this new society, are not only spectators but also judges of the lives of the two refugees: they can decide between the two refugees who can join to their community and who will be returned to the disaster area.

The Reset performance organized by the Liszt Institute will first perform at the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria on 6 November, at 4 pm.