Date: 26 March
Time: 16:00
Venue:  Online
Facebook page of Harmónia Jazzműhely
Source of the photo: Harmónia Jazzműhely

Source of the photo: Harmónia Jazzműhely

The pandemic is still with us but we won’t let the music die!

you can watch the concert at the Facebook page of Harmónia Jazzműhely or at the webpage of MagyarJazz.


The intensive music of the Red Stones is rooted in modern mainstream jazz but it also draws inspiration from contemporary-, folk- or rock music as well. The band was founded by pianist and composer LÁSZLÓ VÖRÖS in 2018. The backbone of their repertoire is his own compositions. László is not unknown to our audience, since he is the arranger and accompanist of his sister, Niki Vörös, one of the best jazz singers in the land. His solos in Niki’s band have contributed greatly to the success of that quartet. His compositions are melodic, rich in emotions and playful at the same time but one can sense a conscious constructive effort behind them. Red Stone’s characteristically unique musical world has great drive, dynamism and creativity which is due not only to László’s compositions but, in equal measure, to the virtuosic playing of vibraphonist RICHÁRD SZANISZLÓ, another great favorite with our regulars, the melodic approach of the increasingly in-demand bassist, ÁDÁM BÖGÖTHY as well as the complex and colorful rhythms of drummer TAMÁS HIDÁSZ.