Date: 16 October - 21 October
Time: 14:00
Venue:  Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Center Cairo
Victoria Rooftop House - 16 Adly street, Downtown, Cairo


NYX is an interactive audio-visual installation by Marcell Andristyák / Glowing Bulbs

NYX is a multi-projector interactive installation inviting the audience on an eerie trip in the depths of a misty woodland. On this journey one will become part of a quest for light through the realms of night. The spectators presence in reality sparks luminous events in the virtual space where the path is flanked by a strange mixture of creatures and objects.

The projected content of NYX is a real time rendered forest where the “inside audience” can interact with the creatures and the plants of the woods via moving around in the space. The visitors movement will be reproduced in the virtual world as a light source with particles around it. Whatever is touched by the light of the visitor will engage in a luminous action.

Conceptualized by media designer and animator Marcell Andristyák, NYX is a thrill-eliciting sensory dive into an immersive stimulation. The multi-projector interactive installation is the latest addition to Hungarian collective Glowing Bulbs' impressive portfolio of video mapping and panoramic projections, live VJ performances, music videos, short films, and stand alone video installations.


The opening of NYX will take place on 16 October at 4 pm at the Victoria Rooftop House and the installation will be available for the public until 21 October.