About us

More than 40 years ago, on 26th October, 1974, Hungary’s first non-European cultural institute has opened its doors to the Egyptian audience in Cairo and started his activity as the first „Ambassador of the Hungarian culture” in the continent.

Our mission is to present our rich Hungarian cultural heritage as widely as possible to the interested Egyptian audience and to the Hungarians living in Egypt. Furthermore, with the tools of the cultural diplomacy, we intend to deepen and support further the already existing friendly relations between the two countries and promote cultural, educational and scientific cooperation between Hungary and Egypt.

Besides our self-organized events, we strive to collaborate with as many local partners as possible and we try to join to the major festivals in Egypt, including the Cairo Jazz Festival, the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival and the Cairo International Festival For Experimental Theatre, in which we have been participating for several years.

We have a tight working relationship with the Hungarian guest lecturer at the Faculty of Languages of the Ain Shams University. Our Institute regularly hosts Hungarian language courses and our library warmly welcomes everybody with thousands of Hungarian books and several English and Arabic novels.