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Science diplomacy

Science diplomacy – along with the constantly growing significance of sciences, technology, and innovation – has been gaining growing importance since the beginning of the 2000s; its task is to present the achievements of scientific communities in the international system of relations. Thus, the toolkit of diplomacy has gained a new instrument: now the analysis of regional and global questions is enriched by the opportunities offered by scientific thinking. In this spirit, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic network enhance international networking for universities, research institutes, and scientific workshops, improving the visibility of Hungarian scholars and academic actors abroad, and spreading the news about the achievements of Hungarian sciences and innovation.

In accordance with that, our activities in science diplomacy can significantly contribute to fulfilling the objectives of economic diplomacy.

There are specialized science and technology diplomats (S&T) serving Hungary’s strategy in the sciences in its priority partner countries. These diplomats

  • Monitor and analyse the policy of the host country in research and development, innovation, and sciences, thus supporting the preparation of relevant political decisions in Hungary;
  • Promote the achievements of Hungarian science policy and share information about the Hungarian policy of science and technology, including its results and the opportunities for cooperation;
  • Build relations between Hungarian and international institutions and organizations, thus being active contributors to the European and international integration of Hungarian research;
  • Represent the interest of Hungarian policy in the field abroad.

Concerning questions about educational and scientific relations in each country or research, development, and innovation (RDI) projects as well as knowledge-based cooperation between companies, please, contact the respective S&T attaché. The contact information of the S&T attachés can be found in the menu Our network.


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