Memorial years

The Parliament or the Government can announce a memorial year with the purpose of remembering distinguished events or personalities of Hungarian history, culture, and sciences. In order to communicate the message of the memorial years internationally, MFAT organizes multifaceted programs with the aid of the diplomatic network. These programs cover the following major categories:

  • Activities related to sciences: conferences, research, calls for applications, publication of books, collecting historical documents, unconventional classes in history;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Performing art productions (concert, theatre, opera, or dance performance) and film screenings;
  • Erecting memorial plaques or monuments;
  • Programs aiming at constructing social relations or addressed to people responsible for making political decisions and influencing public opinion.

Over the past years, the MFAT participated in the program series of the Holocaust Memorial Year (2014), the Bartók Year (2016), the Kodály Program (2017), the Arany Memorial Year (2017), and the Reformation Memorial Year (2017). The 60th anniversary of the Revolution of 1956 was especially significant due to its magnitude (113 missions organized 450 projects at 203 sites in 2016). In 2019, programs are organized at our foreign representations in the framework of the 30 Years of Freedom Memorial Year celebrating the 30th anniversary of the change of the political regime in 1989-90, whereas 2020 will be devoted to the Year of National Cohesion. In 2021 we will celebrate the György Cziffra Memorial Year.