Memorial sites


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been assisting in the preservation of Hungary’s rich historical memory since 2017 by the maintenance and reconstruction of historical and cultural memories all over the world as well as by setting up new memorial sites. The decisions about projects to be supported are based on suggestions received from diplomatic missions abroad.

In the past four years, we have spent a total of 105 000 000 HUF on the reconstruction of already existing memorial sites and on the creation of new ones. The sum allowed the realization of 86 projects in numerous countries.

Some examples for the projects accomplished in the past few years or still in progress (the list is not comprehensive):

  • Contribution to renovating historical Hungarian graves in the Hajongard Cemetery; Romania
  • Renovation of the roof of the Görgey Castle in Toporec; Slovakia.
  • External renovation of the Rákóczi Museum in Tekirdağ; Turkey.
  • Renovation of the Lajos Kossuth Memorial House in Shumen and of the László Nagy Memorial House in Smolyan; Bulgaria.
  • Placing a memorial plaque of István Báthory in Valka; Latvia.
  • Transferring a copy of the Báthory heraldic stone to the Grand Ducal Palace Museum in Vilnius; Lithuania.
  • Reconstruction of the Széchenyi Memorial Plaque at the Iron Gates; Romania.
  • Memorial plaque on the house in Dobřany where Norbert Ormai (Auffenberg), a colonel of the Hungarian army in 1848, the organizer and superintendent of the rifle regiments, and the first martyr in Arad was born; Czech Republic.
  • Renovation of the grave of Márton Farkas, a freedom-fighter of 1848, in Melbourne; Australia.
  • Renovation of the graves of Count Ödön Széchenyi pasha, the founder of the first professional fire brigade and of Dániel Szilágyi antiquarian in the Feriköyi Cemetery of Istanbul; Turkey.
  • Cooperation in setting up the bust of Franz Liszt made by the sculptor László Márton in the building of the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra; Russia.
  • Renovation of the furniture obtained from the St. Stephen Pharmacy opened in Vršac in 1885 and retained now in the collection of the History of Pharmacy Museum at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade; Serbia.
  • Setting up a memorial plaque of Franz Liszt at the Riga Dome Cathedral; Latvia.
  • Maintenance of the memorial cross of György Lépes from the 15th century in the court of the Roman Catholic Theological Institute in Alba Iulia; Romania.
  • Renovating The Hat of András Báthory Cardinal, the Bishop of Warmia (painted wooden sculpture from the 16th century) in Frombork; Poland.
  • Renovation of the Millecentenarium Memorial in São Paulo; Brazil.
  • Renovation of wooden grave posts in the Budapest Park of Toronto; Canada.
  • Renovation of the graves of Emília Kossuth in New York and of Jenő Wigner in Princeton; USA.
  • Contribution to the conservation of the Hungarian Cultural Garden (sculpture park) in Cleveland; USA.
  • Setting up a memorial plaque of Elek Benedek at the Vajna Mansion in Turia de Jos; Romania.
  • Restoration of the painting Patrona Hungariae with Four Hungarian Saints (work of an unknown master in the 17th century); Vatican City
  • Setting up a memorial plaque in tribute to Violant of Hungary, Queen of Aragon in Valencia; Spain.
  • Renovation of the Szekler Gate in Massagno; Switzerland.