Date: 12 October - 7 November
Venue:  Consulate General of Hungary, Innsbruck
6020 Innsbruck, Speckbacher Strasse 31-33.

The exhibition at the Consulate General of Hungary in Innsbruck is on display from 12 October to 7 November.

The AnimArt exhibition consists of predator-hybrid portraits. The timeliness of the exhibition is due to the growing importance of environmental protection. The exhibition aims to explore and present the relationship between humans and animals, and the attitudes inherent in it.

Ágnes Verebics graduated from the painter faculty of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2006. Her works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. The exhibition in Innsbruck forms a part of the Consulate General’s “Culture Goes Home” program series, which provides the possibility to participate in cultural programs virtually.

Painting of Ágnes Verebics

Painting of Ágnes Verebics