25th European Union Film Festival India

The European Union Film Festival is the EU Delegation to India’s annual event, this year organised in online form.

Date: 5 November - 30 November
Venue:  Online

The European Union Delegation to India (EUDEL) is once again hosting its traditional film festival this year, albeit online due to the Covid-19 epidemic, with each Member State represented by one film. From 5 to 30 November 2020, the films can be viewed on the EUDEL website and related websites with free registration.

On behalf of Hungary, the 2018 work Genesis by Árpád Bogdán will be presented.

Árpád Bogdán's film is a drama of sin, purification and rebirth. At the heart of the story of Genesis is a little Roma boy whose childhood ends drastically when he loses his family in a brutal attack. The successful lawyer, who is buried in her job, under pressure from her boss undertakes to protect one of the defendants in the racist murder series. During the investigation, she meets the little boy involved in the case as a witness, and this encounter will radically change the lives of both of them. A mysterious teenage girl is also involved in the affair when dark secrets are revealed about her love.

The biblical history of origin comes to life through the fate of people from all walks of life, their paths would never intersect, yet their fates are intertwined in the shadow of this tragic crime.

The actors of Genesis decide their fate along the universal human values - faith in life, solidarity, responsibility - so they have the opportunity to start again, to live a new life.