Cultural Seasons

Cultural seasons and years are the Hungarian state’s large-scale, priority program series of cultural diplomacy. Each season is realized on the basis of a Government decision with the aid of considerable financial and human resources in order to represent the widest possible range of Hungarian culture and sciences in the form of a comprehensive offer of programs in one of the priority partner countries, awakening and enhancing their interest in our homeland. In addition to contributing to the recognition of Hungarian culture, the seasons also offer opportunities for the formation of the country’s image and for the developing of political, economic, and touristic relations as well as for establishing long-term partnerships.

In the past few years, the MFAT organized numerous large-scale cultural programs which gave new impetus to the bilateral social and governmental relations. In 2015, Russia hosted the Hungarian Cultural Weeks, and in 2016-17, the Hungarian Cultural Season in Poland was realized with approximately 550 events in 75 cities. The programs of the season attracted more than 1 500 000 visitors.

2019 was a very special year in Hungarian cultural diplomacy, for we could realise priority programs in 10 countries within one single year: there were Hungarian cultural weeks in six Western Balkan countries, while cultural seasons took place in South Korea, Israel, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China, partly in connection to special anniversaries of diplomacy. In course of these seasons, we tried to represent the widest possible spectrum of Hungarian culture at exhibitions, book fairs, concerts, dance and theatre performances, film screenings, culinary events, and craft & art markets. The almost 500 programs and their reviews reached several million citizens in the hosting countries.