World without scale - Photo exhibition by Zsuzsa Hullan

Date: 15 September - 6 October
Time: 17:00
Venue:  Liszt Institute Brussels
10 Treurenberg, 1000 Brussels


Photography as a form of self-expression has been a constant presence in her life. It has become increasingly important to her over the past couple of years, slowly establishing itself as a real, all-consuming passion — owing partly to her tendency to fixate on things that deeply interest her. She is not specialised in any one subject; everything about visual storytelling interests her. She likes to observe and be absorbed by the world around her. She likes to get lost in tiny details and expand into vast spaces. She likes to grasp the beauty of time passing, to find harmony in disharmony, to seek what is essential in the human. One area that especially interests her is theatre photography. As an actress, she is witness to some truly extraordinary moments in the theatre, and she hopes to convey aspects of her chosen profession with a perspective not necessarily available to everyone.

She is a member of the Comedy Theatre of Budapest and have been awarded the Aase-prize and the Golden Cross of Merit of Hungary as an actress.
Several of her photographs have been published in National Geographic magazine and in Premier magazine, with the recommendation of Éva Keleti, Kossuth Prize winning photographer. She was awarded the first prize in a national photography competition organised by Tripont in 2020 for two of her photographs. Her second solo exhibition, “The Beauty of Decay,” curated by Éva Keleti, has been presented at the National Association of Hungarian Journalists, at the Aranytíz Community Center, and at the Art and Antique Fair and Exhibition at Bálna Budapest. She was awarded the first prize in the 40th Hungarian Press Photo Competition for her work, “Friends” in the subcategory “Everyday Life” in 2022.

Her photos can be purchased, for details visit Zsuzsa Hullan's website.

The curator of the exhibition is Vera Várszegi