Muzsikás Ensemble concert screening

Date: 22 January
Time: 11:30
Venue:  Hungarian Cultural Institute
Treurenberg 10, 1000 Brussels

Time: 22 January, 12.30 PM
Venue: Balassi Institute, 10 Treurenberg, 1000 Brussels

Among performers on the Hungarian folk and world music scenes, it is Muzsikás - now together for some 42 years - who have given the most concerts at the Palace of Arts in the concert hall that bears the name of the composer Béla Bartók. The Bartók Album was a milestone for Muzsikás, on which the group - by "reconstructing” Bartók's experiences as a folk music researcher - evoked the melodies that inspired the composer's works. With the material from this record, the group proved worldwide that Hungarian folk music belongs on the same rank as any other genre in the world's musical culture, performing in concert halls as prestigious as the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Concertgebouw and Carnegie Hall. Of course, there has never been any doubt of the ensemble's worth at the Palace of Arts, but now we get the chance to confirm it for ourselves once again…