Ladanyi Gabor Trio concert - Jazz Station

Date: 3 June
Time: 18:30
Venue:  Jazz Station
Chau. de Louvain 193/A, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Concert Gábor Ladányi Trio

Gábor Ladányi - guitar, compositions / Federico Pecoraro - bass / Umberto Odone - drums

Gábor Ladányi's trio was born in the winter of 2019. In one night, Gábor wrote a piece called "Re¬born". He had already written other compositions, but after this one, he really felt that it was the right time to start the chapter of his own trio.

Very soon after his arrival in Brussels (2015), he met Federico. They immediately became friends and Gábor feels that the bassist also had a strong musical influence on him. Choosing him to be part of his trio was therefore an obvious choice. As for the drummer, Gábor met him in 2018, when Umberto was starting his master's degree at the Brussels Conservatory. Umberto's musicality fit perfectly with Gábor's music.

The trio plays its leader's own compositions.

The three musicians consider improvisation as a chamber music where the roles of each of them are equally important, without any hierarchical relationship to each other.

The band's first album is scheduled for 2022, with two special guests: Roby and Tony Lakatos.

12€ - 9€ for members, students, job seekers.

Reservations strongly advised and available here.