International Hungarian Piano Quartet

Date: 30 March
Time: 18:00
Venue:  Hungarian Cultural Institute
Treurenberg 10, 1000 Brussels

The event is CANCELLED!

International Hungarian Piano Quartet

Katalin Sebestyén - violinist, Head of String Department at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels
Ilona Ribli - cellist, founder member of the Danubius String Quartet
Marianna Dezső - pianist, former director of the Tatabánya Erkel Ferenc Music School
Dániel Krähling - violist, member of the Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra

The love of chamber music and the preservation of the memory of Ervin Schiffer, world-renowned viola artist, led the members of the International Hungarian Piano Quartet to create the ensemble. Despite the fact that they live in different parts of Europe, they have much in common. They are Hungarians, and they speak the same musical language. They are all closely related to "Schiffer Ervin International Music Master Course" in Tata, Hungary.

All members of the ensemble have a special relationship with Ervin Schiffer, who was the founder of the mastercourse with his wife, Katalin Sebestyén. Marianna Dezső, piano artist, is the organizer and director of Tata International Music Master Course launched in 2007.

Between 2014 and 2018, Károly Botvay Kossuth Prize-winner cello artist, Ervin's schoolmate and friend, and Gergely Kóta, violinist and violist,student of Katalin Sebestyén, were the other two members of the ensemble. Nowdays, Ilona Ribli cellist and Dániel Krähling violist replace them.

The piano quartet is a regular participant of the program of Tatabánya Spring Festival and the Tata Baroque Festival. In recent years, they have performed in Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels), Switzerland and several cities in Spain. Their repertoire includes piano quartet works by Classical, Romantic and 20th century composers.


Kati Sebestyén, is a professor of violin and was Head of the StringDepartment at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels. later professor at the prestigious Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, memberof the artistic commission of the "Concours International Reine Elisabeth de violon". She was regularly member of the juryand held master classes in Mozarteum Salzburg, Jong Talent Amsterdam, Hannover, Lübeck, University of North Carolina, etc. Ms. Sebestyén is an active concert artist and has performed in recitals, as well as radio andTV recordings in several European countries and in the USA. She was the founder and director of the Sebastian Strings, member of the Haydn Quartet and Contrasts Ensemble. With these ensembles she has made several CD recordings. She is the founder and artistic director of the „Ervin Schiffer International Music Masterclasses”.

Ilona Ribli cellist obtained her diploma at Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, where she has studied with famous professors such as the exellent cellist Ede Banda and the violinist Vilmos Tátrai, leader of an internationally well-known string quartet. Latter introduced her in the world of chamber music, with which her carrier has been connected until today. The „Danubius Quartet” has wonvarious international competitions (Evian, Trapani,, Reggio Emilia, Graz), and realised numerous CDs. Ilona Ribli has been the solo cellist of the Westphalian Chamber Orchestra in Münster Germany, for ten years. She has founded a cultural indtitute in Hungary where she performs regulary and organizes various artistic events, among them concerts with excellent musicians. Her aim is to keep alive the Hungarian chamber music traditions and popularization of the classical music.

Marianna Dezső, pianiste

After her studies at the University of Pécs and Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest , Marianna get involved in multiple artistic activities, she became an assistant professor at the above mentioned institution, she has been working as a general pedagogical expert and thedirectrice of the regional music-schools of Tata and Tatabánya. As a director she also organizes high-level artistic events, music festivals, internationale masterclasses, etc. As an activ concert pianist, she has performed in numerous Europian countries: Italy, France, Germany, England, Switzerland, etc. As a reward of her outstanding artistic and pedagogial achievements, she has received several regional and national decorations, among othersthe „Gold Cross of Merit” of Hungary.

Dániel Krähling violist

Dániel Krähling has graduated from the Academy of Music He continued to develop his skills as a student of Ervin Schiffer, Thomas Riebl, Isabel Charisius, Hariolf Schlichte Gilad Karni, Adam Romero, Peter Velvet, Maté Szűcs. He has been a member of the New Hungarian Chamber Orchestra since 2012 and has been a regular assistant at the National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Recently several times, he has been admitted to the Santander Summer Academy and Festival and has been invited to the Hundisburg Summer Academy and Festival in Germany. From September 2016, he got a scholarship from the Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera. In the autumn of 2017, he was invited to be the first viola solist of the MÁV Symphony Orchestra. He was a member of the Kruppaand Nyári string quartets. He is currently a member of the Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra. He took part in several music competitions. In 2012, as a mamber of the string quartet of the Academy of Music she received a special prize at the IX. National Dohnányi Chamber Music Competition.