Djabe - Jazz-world music fusion concert

Date: 16 February
Time: 18:00
Venue:  Liszt Institute Brussels
10 Treurenberg, 1000 Brussels

“Djabe is one of the best working fusion bands in the world today.”
Kent Sangster, Edmonton International Jazz Festival, Canada

“One of the best fusion bands all over the world.”
John Nugent, Rochester, NY, International Jazz Festival producer, US

“The best band I’ve ever played with.”
Steve Hackett, Genesis guitarist, UK

“Fantastic show, thank you for being with us.”
Ruud Wijkniet, Director of The Hague Jazz Festival, NL

In February Djabe will play songs from the new album Before and selected live classics from the band entire repertoire.

Tamás Barabás – bass guitar
Attila Égerházi – guitar, percussion, vocal
Áron Koós-Hutás – trumpet flugelhorn
Péter Kaszás – drums, lead vocal
Zoltán Bubenyák – keyboards

Djabe is the number 1 jazz/world fusion band in Hungary. It was established 27 years ago and since then Djabe won numerous domestic and international awards and recognitions.
From 2002, the band gave concerts in 42 countries throughout Europe, Asia and North-America. Djabe is one of the most invited Hungarian bands by international festivals.

Djabe plays unique music in which the elements of jazz are mixed with various parts of Hungarian and world music. The main composer and arranger of the band is Tamás Barabás, who is the most virtuoso Hungarian bass guitarist.
Djabe means freedom in the African Ashanti language. The founder and other composer of the band is Attila Égerházi – playing guitar and being the leader of the band, too –, who interprets this freedom primarily by freely mixing the styles and instruments.
At the drums sits the internationally acclaimed Péter Kaszás, who was drummer for Al Di Meola’s band, World Sinfonia, for 10 years.
Áron Koós-Hutás multiple award-winning trumpet player’s characteristic sound is a key element of the Djabe sound.

The keyboard player Zoltán Bubenyák joined recently to the band. We can hear his play on the last studio album released 9th December 2022.

Djabe has approx. 100 physical releases. 17 studio albums and 25 live recordings in many formats: LP, CD, DVD, DVD-Audio, Blu-ray, 2 track master tape, 4 track reel-to-reel, MC, download and streaming.
In 2017 Djabe and London based Cherry Red Records started a cooperation. In the last five years Cherry Red released 6 albums under their Esoteric Antenna label. The Summer Storms and Rocking Rivers, Life Is A Journey – The Sardinia Tapes and the Life Is A journey – The Budapest Live Tapes, Back To Sardinia, The Magic Stag and the Journey Continues album got a great international recognition and distribution.
Djabe’s vinyl records are used as test LPs at High-End shows and in showrooms, because of their world class audio quality. Their DVD-Audio surround discs are well-known from Brazil to Japan. As a sound engineer Tamas Barabás has won the recognition of the experts at Abbey Road with many Djabe stereo and surround recordings. Sheafs Are Dancing album was nominated to Surround Music Award in Los Angeles in 2004.
Djabe in the past 26 years worked together with several musicians from all over the world and Hungary. Ben Castle, John Nugent, Malik Mansurov, Gulli Briem, Oleg Butman, Mihály Dresch, Ferenc Muck, Viktor Tóth and Tibor Mótyán are just a few names to mention.
Since 2007 Djabe has joint concerts regularly with the former guitarist of Genesis, Steve Hackett. The outstanding project of the band, the show of ‘Djabe & Steve Hackett’ not only contains Steve playing Djabe tunes, it includes playing Genesis and Hackett classics with Djabe. At the Garana Jazz Festival in Romania, 13.000 music fans enjoyed the music of Djabe and Steve.

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