Crime Unpunished


Date: 25 February - 28 February
Venue:  Online

You will receive the link to the documentary and the password by email on 25 February, after registration.

Our docHUmentary series, presenting the influential documentaries Hungarian cinema has offered in recent years continues on 25 February, linked to the Memorial Day for the Victims of the Communist Dictatorships. Crime Unpunished by Tamás Novák and Fruzsina Skrabski will be available online from 25 to 28 February 2021. 

Béla Biszku was a leading figure in the purges that took place throughout Hungary after the fall of the 1956 Revolution. As acting minister of the interior, he led the bloody liquidation of those who had raised their voices against the oppressive Soviet regime on the streets of Budapest in 1956. Following the political changes in Hungary, Béla Biszku went on to live in secluded secrecy, and spoke to no one about his involvement in these atrocities. Our intrepid reporters donned disguises and rang the bell of the once famously feared minister.

Crime Unpunished (Bűn és Büntetlenség, 2010, HU, d. Novák Tamás and Skrabski Fruzsina, 70 minutes, documentary) – with original voice and English subtitles.

Directors: Tamás Novák and Fruzsina Skrabski
Music: Viktor Hárs, Földes László (Hobo), Kunert Péter, Kovács Áron Ádám
Camera: Albert Czomba, Tibor Péter Banai, Ádám Durkó, Sándor Kiss
Producer: Tamás Novák, Fruzsina Skrabski
Sound: Márton Kristóf
Editing: Márton Gothár