In May, 6 Belgian cinemas will screen Dénes Nagy's Natural Light


Dénes Nagy's Silver Bear Award-winning film will be screened in six Belgian cinemas throughout May.


Brussels Cinema Aventure
Leuven ZED Vesalius
Charleroi Quai10
Antwerp UGC
Mons Plaza Arthouse Cinema
Kortrijk BUDA

Alongside the troops fighting on the Eastern Front in the Second World War, almost 100,000 Hungarian soldiers served in the occupied territories behind the front. Natural Light is set in the occupied Soviet Union, in an uncharted swampy forest. István Semetka, a Hungarian farmer, is a platoon leader in an infantry unit of the Hungarian Army, which is roaming the countryside in search of illegal partisan groups in remote Russian villages. The story follows the soldiers' daily lives through the eyes of Semetka, who is saddled with the unexpected death of his commander.