Sándor Petőfi Poem Theatre Monodrama

Date: 4 October
Time: 09:00
Venue:  Online

Introducing the life and work of Sándor Petőfi, actor Miklós Turek welcomes everyone for a unique online premiere of his well-known Poetry Theatre monodrama, The Grape.

The play introduces Petőfi, the son, actor, soldier, and husband in 60 minutes, using the poet's own words. The monodrama aims to prove that his poetry is not outdated, his thoughts and ideas are still very much relevant in the 21st century. Miklós Turek's aim is to break the barriers between poems and people, and point out that literature and history can be closer to us than we might first think.

Please note this event is in Hungarian and takes 60 minutes. The performance will be available on our Facebook page.