Hungarian Movie Nights | Neither With You

Date: 1 July - 2 July
Time: 17:00

Gergő is a film critic who loves women, but to his mother's dismay, he finds none of them perfect enough. When he is told his Mom will die in a couple days, he pays his pregnant – and amazingly imperfect – new neighbour to pretend the child is his, so Mom can die happy. However, she does not die, and now he has to continue the charade. 

Building on a classical rom-com premise (water and oil don't mix), this blithe comedy with a big heart hits all the right marks and then some. A romp full of laughs­­– and the distinct possibility of some happy tears. 🥲

In Hungarian with English subtitles.
The movie will be available online for 24 hours.

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The Hungarian Movie Nights series is organized by the partnership of the Consulate General of Hungary, Manchester, the Hungarian National Film Institute and the Liszt Institute London