Sold out Hungarian success at the London theatre festival

Supported by the Liszt Institute London, the Ladder Art Company participated at the prestigious international Voila! Europe theatre festival in 2021. The fantastic show enchanted the audience through two nights with the help of a rope, countless fairies, and even more pillows.

The 'Awakening' theatre show is based on mime, clowning, visual theatre, aerial circus acrobatics, and music. With humour, poetry and self-reflection, this performance is looking into our own pettiness, cowardice, anxiety, but also our moments of bravery and affection, while we are trying to understand our behaviour as humans. The show creates a wonderful balance between the different art forms.

The Voila! Europe theatre festival's curated programme of cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary performance opens a trusted portal to new European theatre for independent artists and adventurous audiences. This year the festival was live on stage at the Cockpit Theatre in London and live online everywhere, gathering together a welcoming community of the culturally curious.

The 'Awakening' was the best-selling show at the festival, apart from running all sold-out events, it has been nominated for the OffFest Theatre Award too. 

Photo credits: Chris Lincé