Hungarian Harvest traditions celebrated in London

The Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Centre London has organised its first Harvest Festival to promote Hungarian Harvest traditions and folk culture in the Institute’s great hall on 10 September. The Folktone band led by Ádám Römer and the Csillagszeműek children’s dance ensemble enchanted the audience. Enikő Magyar, the agricultural attaché of the Embassy of Hungary in London, talked about Hungarian wines and wine-making.

In his opening remarks, director Máté Vincze greeted the audience and highlighted the importance of Harvest traditions. Afterwards, the Birmingham-based Folktone Band and the Csillagszeműek children’s dance ensemble from Guildford performed a 35 minutes long folk music programme centred on the Harvest Ball theme. After the music, Enikő Magyar, a diplomat specialising in agriculture and environmental affairs, spoke about Hungarian wine-making and Harvest customs while participants had the opportunity to taste three kinds of wine and the Hungarian scone prepared by the Embassy’s chef.

Due to the popularity of pub quizzes in the United Kingdom, we prepared a Harvest themed quiz for attendees. As a closing of the event, the Institute’s associates read out the solution and the winner received a premium category Hungarian wine.