Changing our name to Liszt Institute London

From now on, all Hungarian cultural institutes around the world will bear the name of the Hungarian composer Ferenc Liszt.

The network of Hungarian cultural institutes, operating in 24 countries and 26 cities, will start the autumn cultural season with a new name and a renewed visual identity on the 1st of September. Hungarian cultural institutes abroad will now bear the name of the world-famous Hungarian composer and pianist Ferenc Liszt.

Ferenc Liszt was one of the greatest virtuoso pianists of all time, having a hand span to master 12 keys, whose technique inspired a veritable "lisztomania". He was the first musical superstar to be applauded ecstatically and who literally swooned the audience. He is one of the most important composers of 19th century Romanticism, recording more than 1,400 masterpieces.

His father was Hungarian, his mother Austrian, and he travelled all over Europe, yet he chose the Hungarian identity and often gave musical expression to his patriotic sentiments.