World famous Hungarians - Péter Eötvös worldpremiere - Pannon Philharmonic

25 marzo 2021, ore 20.00

  • Péter Eötvös: Siren's Song - prima esecuzione
  • Béla Bartók: musica per archi, percussioni e celeste

Dirige: Péter Eötvös

All'interno del concerto: è prevista anche una conversazione registrata tra  Péter Eötvös, compositore, direttore d'orchestra  e Gergely Fazekas, storico della musica. 

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Composer, conductor and professor: the Hungarian Péter Eötvös
combines all three roles in a single extraordinarily high-profile career.
Born in 1944, he has long been considered one of the most significant
and influential personalities in the world of music both as an
internationally recognized conductor and a composer of highly acclaimed
operas, orchestral works and concertos written for well-known artists
from all over the world. As a professor, he founded his own institutes
for the future generation of young conductors and composers with
a focus on contemporary music.