Ignaz Goldziher and his Correspondents

Date: 12 November - 13 November
Time: 08:00
Venue:  Online
Source: Institute for Advanced Studie

Source: Institute for Advanced Studie

Commemorations on the centenary of the death of Ignác Goldziher

In November 2021, commemorative ceremonies and academic conferences will be held around the world to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of the orientalist Ignác Goldziher on 15 November 1921. 

When Ignaz Goldziher passed away on November 13, 1921, he left behind a corpus of scientific correspondence of over 13,000 letters from about 1,650 persons, in ten languages. His Nachlass, including the letters as well as his hand-written notes and works, was bequeathed to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The conference aims to focus on the correspondence between Ignaz Goldziher and colleagues from different countries preserved in the Oriental Collection of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, addressing aspects of the history of the discipline as seen through the letters. This international conference takes place within the framework of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Research Prize.

Date: 12-13. november2021.
Language: English

Upon careful consideration of all aspects involved, the conference will be held virtually 12th November and 13th November.

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