Date: 9 April
Time: 17:00
Venue:  Online
Source of the picture: Facebook page of Harmónia Jazzműhely

Source of the picture: Facebook page of Harmónia Jazzműhely

The pandemic is still with us but we won’t let the music die!

Fronted by two trombones this quintet partly models itself on the similar formation led by the great Kai Winding and JJ Johnson but also uses arrangements of Frank Rosolino, Bill Watrous or Carl Fontana. ATTILA KORB is one of the leading trombone players in Hungary. Apart from his own formations he is also a member of the two most famous big bands in the country, the Modern Art Orchestra and the Budapest Jazz Orchestra. The co-leader and also trombonist KRISZTIÁN CSAPÓ was playing for years in British and American bands as well as taking lessons from Elliot Mason in New York and Trevor Mires in London. He also plays with the BJC Big Band, the László Attila Fusion Circus and the Budapest Ragtime Band. They are backed by the outstanding rhythm section led by one of the country’s best pianists, GÁBOR CSEKE with ISTVÁN TÓTH Jr on bass and TAMÁS HIDÁSZ on the drums.

You can watch the concert at the Facebook page of Harmónia Jazzműhely or at the webpage of MagyarJazz.