Commemorations and conferences on the centenary of the death of Ignác Goldziher

In November 2021, commemorative ceremonies and academic conferences will be held around the world to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of the orientalist Ignác Goldziher on 15 November 1921. 

Ignác Goldziher (Székesfehérvár, 22 June 1850 - Budapest, 13 November 1921) Hungarian orientalist, university professor, secretary of the Jewish community of Budapest, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and one of the most influential figures in European Islamic studies.
He was a pupil of Ármin Vámbéry at the Royal University of Pest from the age of 16. He continued his higher studies in Berlin and Leipzig, where he obtained a doctorate in philosophy. In 1872-73, on a state scholarship, he collected material for his later theses from the Oriental manuscripts of the libraries of Leiden and Vienna, and then carried out research in Oxford and Cambridge. At the age of 22 he was habilitated as a university lecturer. In 1873-74, with the help of Baron József Eötvös, Minister of Culture, he was awarded a state scholarship to study in Syria, Palestine and Egypt. From 1894 he was a lecturer in the Department of Semitic Philology at the Faculty of Humanities of the then University of Budapest, from 1874 secretary of the Jewish Community of Pest, and from 1900 lecturer at the National Rabbinical Training Institute.
At the 1889 International Congress of Orientalists in Stockholm, Sweden, he was personally presented with the Grand Gold Medal by King Oscar II of Sweden and was awarded the Order of the Wasa. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences admitted him as a corresponding member on 8 June 1876 and as a full member on 5 May 1892. He was a member of the Dutch Oriental Society and of several scientific institutes, and from 1893 he was an honorary member of the Royal Asiatic Society of England. In all, he was elected a member of eight foreign academies and an honorary doctor of two universities. During his lifetime, Goldziher contributed to numerous international journals.


Commemorations and events:

  • Ignác Goldziher’s letter

Date: 12-13 november 2021.
Language: English
Venue: the conference will be online, for registration please click here.

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  • Commemoration, conference and exhibition opening at the MTA Headquarters

Date: 15 november 2021., 10 am – 1pm
Language: English and Hungarian

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  • Wreath laying ceremony and conference at the Avicenna Institute for Middle East Studies

Date: 15 November 2021., 1.30 pm– 6 pm
Language: English and Hungrian
Venue: Avicenna Institute for Middle East Studies, 2081 Piliscsaba, Fő út 2/A

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