Hungarian Contemporary

Readings by Márió Nemes Z., Ákos Kele-Fodor and Anna Zilahi

Date: 19 November - 20 November
Time: 11:09
Venue:  Babeş–Bolyai University

On 19 November young Hungarian contemporary poets Márió Nemes Z., Ákos Kele-Fodor and Anna Zilahi will have a poetry reading, taking place online due to the pandemic.

Participants will discuss generational issues and questions of lyrical history followed by an interactive creative writing and interpretation seminar for majors of Hungarian language, majors of two foreign languages, and high school students the next day.

To facilitate a lively discussion, participants will be split up into several “classrooms”.

The event is available to BBU students as well as to the interested public in Cluj-Napoca. 

In partnership with: Bolyai University, Institut for Hungarian Study of Literature, Invisible College, Consulate General of Hungary, Cluj-Napoca