Embassy of Plant Kingdom - Hungary

Date: 1 August - 31 August
Venue:  Tallinn Botanic Garden
Kloostrimetsa tee 52, 11913 Tallinn

In August, the Tallinn Botanic Garden will focus on Hungarian culture. In the framework of the ‘Embassy of Plant Kingdom’ programme, the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Tallinn will offer film screenings, a treasure hunt game, a theatre performance, and a poster exhibition. 

The month-long Hungarian programme at the Tallinn Botanic Garden includes the screening of the spectacular new Hungarian nature film ‘Where Rivers Run Wild - Aqua Hungarica’ by director- cinematographer Zoltán Fehér. It presents the most unique aquatic and near-aquatic communities of our country. 

Poster of the event (graphic design: Regina Vitányi)

Poster of the event (graphic design: Regina Vitányi)

Ferenc Molnár's novel ‘Boys of Paul Street’, a must-read in Estonia, will be brought to life on the big screen with Estonian subtitles, in the famous production directed by Zoltán Fábri. The novel is accompanied by a treasure hunt game, where players can find the most valuable treasure of the Boys by searching for plants typical to the Hungarian landscape and the Boys hidden among them.

The poster exhibition ‘Around Us’ on environment protection and nature by the current and graduating students of the Budapest Metropolitan University will be presented in August to the Garden’s visitors with the help of Regina Vitányi.


On 18th August, the play ‘When I Was Dead’ by Hungarian theatre group Stúdió K is on stage. The one-act burlesque is a stage version of Ernst Lubitsch's 1916 silent film, which was described by critics of the time as ‘irresistibly funny ’. The aim is to expose the mannerisms of civilised society and the taboos behind them.