New translation highlights Márai’s popularity in Poland

On 4 March Sándor Márai's “The Old Lover”, newly published in Poland, was presented at the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw. The translator and the publisher discussed on-line the book of the most popular Hungarian writer in Poland. 

Irena Makarewicz, translator of the book, and Anna Rucińska, director of publishing at Czytelnik Publishing House, presented Sándor Márai's “The Old Lover” (Régi szerető/Stara miłość), now available in Polish. Márai's volumes have been published regularly in Poland since 2000. Sándor Márai’s (1900-1989) sincere style, universal choice of subject, Central European perspective and desire for freedom all contributed to the fact, that Márai became one of the most important ambassadors of Hungarian literature and culture along the Vistula river. In the last two decades, more than thirty of his volumes have been published in Polish, the translations of his Diary underwent multiple reprints.

The Polish public can read with Márai’s works in the interpretation of such excellent translators as Irena Makarewicz, Jerzy Snopek, Poland's current Ambassador to Budapest, or Teresa Worowska, the translator of Márai's Diary. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary acknowledged the work of Teresa Worowska with the Balassi Prize for Literary Translation in 2019.

Hundreds followed the book presentation online, through the Institute’s Youtube channel.