Inauguration of memorial plaque in New Zealand in the remembrance of the first Hungarian settlers

The local Hungarian diaspora commemorated the first Hungarian settlers in New Zealand. Dr. Szabó László Zsolt, Ambassador of Hungary inaugurated the new plaque, prepared for the Year of National Unity.

New Zealand Hungarians, migrants and their descendants are important minorities of today’s island state. Migration has already started in the XIX. Century, but most of the immigrants returned to their homeland.

The big breakthrough was in 1906, when the first settler family arrived at the most southern spot of the country, Tuatapere under the direction of István Rácz. The presence of the Hungarian community on the island is dated from this event.

Five years later, three other families joined them. The Hungarian settlers supported the development of the small city, of which the community faithfully nurtures memory. The descendants of these four families came together on the ceremony on 12 November, who proudly revived the memory of their ancestors.

Dr. Szabó László Zsolt, the Ambassador of Hungary in Wellington attended the celebration in Tuatapere and inaugurated the memorial plaque made by the Hungarian Embassy and funded by the National Unity Program.