Hungarian-French forestry cooperation for sustainable forests

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade organized a study tour for Hungarian forestry experts and researchers in France.

Representatives of the Mecsekerdő Holding and the Forest Reserch Institute of the University of Sopron took part in the program organized by the science and technology attache of the Hungarian Embassy in Paris with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade between 15-19 March. Within the framework of the project, the Hungarian experts consulted with the National Forest Management Office (Office National des Forêts - ONF) and the Chamber of Agriculture of Vosges, Meuse, and Alsace counties. Additionally, they visited the forestry seed factory in the Jura mountains. At the meetings, they reviewed the state and characteristics of forestry in France and Hungary, the challenges that the forest management faces, with special attention to climate change and game damage . During the factory visit, they discussed issues concerning the production of the reproductive material of oak and the adaptability of certain species to climate change. Moreover, Hungarian experts could familiarize themselves with the technologies used in France. In order to examine the adaptability of certain species, French experts recetly purchased the acorns of multiple oak species including ones of Hungarian origin. Preparations for setting up experimental plots of Hungarian oak have already begun.