Hungarian environmental service company enters Indian market

Denxpert EHS & S Software Ltd. launches innovative environmental and health application in India with the support of the Hungarian Embassy.

Denxpert EHS&S Software Ltd. announced its entry to the Indian market at a press event organized by the Embassy of Hungary in New Delhi on 25 March 2021. Denxpert Ltd. provides environmental legal compliance consulting services and related IT applications. The Denxpert Legal software developed by the company is already used by more than 300 companies, primarily in Europe, to map environmental and health regulations and to comply with the legal requirements.

After the introductory remarks by Ambassador András László Király and Tania Friederichs, Head of Research and Innovation Division of the European Union Delegation to India, Subba Rao, CEO of Chola MS Risk Services Limited, and Róbert Szücs-Winkler, manager of Denxpert Ltd. presented the application areas and advantages of the software. The presentations were followed by an address of the representative of Birla Carbon Hungary Ltd. describing their professional experience with the application.

The event received significant press coverage, with more than a hundred newspapers and news portals, including newspapers of national and local importance, reporting on Denxpert Legal’s Indian presence.

The local partner of the Hungarian company is Chola MS Risk Services Ltd., which is the market-leading consultant in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety in India. Denxpert Ltd. also received financial support through the European Union’s Innowwide Innovation Program.