Hungarian Cultural Institute in Bucharest presents the history of Herculane Baths

The exhibition about the past and present of the Herculane Baths opened on 17 February and is part of a wider series, promoting the bath culture in the Carpathian Basin.

The collection evokes the beauty of Herculane Baths through selected photographs of the Fortepan Photo Archives. Another section presents the Herculane Project initiative, showing the outstanding work of its volunteers whose mission is to save the architectural heritage of the resort in southwestern Romania. The exhibition's third section consists of original photographs and documents from the personal collection of Radu Igazság, university professor and photographer, which are essential imprints of life at that time at Herculane Baths, Ada Kaleh Island, Orșova and Drobeta-Turnu Severin.

In 2019, the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Bucharest launched a series that introduces bath resorts in the Carpathian Basin. This exhibition presents the significance of the Herculane Spa as our architectural heritage and a favourite spot of former emperors and kings, while also drawing attention to its deteriorating condition of recent decades.

After the vernissage, Ștefan Bâlici, director of the Romanian National Heritage Institute, Oana Chirilă, founding member and president of the Locus Association, initiator of the rescue and conservation efforts of Herculane Baths, and Géra Eleonóra, associate professor and researcher of the bathing culture at the Department of Cultural History at Eötvös Loránd University, held an online discussion about the Baths and its rich cultural and architectural heritage.

The exhibition runs until 26 March 2021.