Collegium Hungaricum Berlin invites you to its latest socially distanced exhibition

The Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB), the Hungarian cultural institute in the German capital, has organised another socially distanced event to ensure against Coronavirus infection. Instead of using its interior rooms, the new digital photo exhibition is projected onto the CHB building's vast panoramic windows.

Throughout 4 days from sundown, the CBH Flashback photo series is projected onto the 40 square-metre windows of the neo-Bauhaus building in the historical downtown museum quarter. The series presents a selection of the most exciting highlights of the past two years, supplemented with tasters for future events. The projection can be seen from Berlin's most famous boulevard, Unter den Linden: “we are illuminating the grey afternoons and evenings, and at the same time showing a preview of next year’s programme, when we look forward to receiving visitors once lockdown is over” – emphasised Márta Nagy, director of the CHB.

Among the selection, on view between 7-10 December, are photos of Hanna Schygulla, one of the greatest figures in German drama, who visited the CHB during the 2019 Berlinale, and a huge portrait of the writer Péter Esterházy, whose 70th birthday was celebrated with a German-language reading in the CHB’s large hall. Other photos document dance performances, concerts and exhibitions, as well as a toy Trabant car on a white background, a light performance that was part of the “30 Years of Freedom” memorial year.